My Story



A non-traditional student and at the time single mother to a 2 year old, I graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Tennessee Knoxville in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife and Fisheries Science with minors in Forestry and Watershed Management. As a best guess, I’d say that at this point you’re thinking, “What is someone with a degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Science doing in the world of health and wellness?” Well, it’s at this point in the story that I wish to remind you that life is ever-changing. I was, and still am, very passionate about all of creation and what I can do to make a positive impact in this enormous world we were blessed to be brought into. Although I set out thinking I would help save animals from extinction and the perils brought to them by human hands, it turns out that another path was being laid out for me. Another way to help make a difference in creation. I just hadn’t made it to that point in my journey when I began studying in 2012 to become a wildlife biologist.

Remember the 2 year old I mentioned? He is the reason I am right where I am today. Unbeknownst to him, he has opened my eyes to an entire new world, a world that is changing my life, the life of my family, and the lives of many other families who I have been fortunate enough to meet. Situations CAN change, hard times CAN get better, your health CAN improve. There IS “A Better Way to Feel Better.” Here’s our story: 

My discovery of the healing potential of the ONDAMED® is one of love, hope, and determination. Beginning with an unknown exposure to a multitude of dangerous molds in 2013, my 6-month-old baby boy suddenly began wheezing. Although we removed him from the moldy environment immediately, we began down a road filled with frightening symptoms which seemed to worsen. Soon we were dealing with multiple diagnoses, hospitalizations, and heavy feelings of discouragement. Only after having exhausted medications with severe and long-lasting possible complications to try to achieve symptom relief did we begin to hope that there HAD to be something else that could further help my baby without only masking symptoms. 

Some could say that we stumbled upon the life-changing device called ONDAMED® accidentally, but I know that our Creator has ordered these steps. Chronic stress takes a heavy toll on our bodies, and I soon began to experience extreme “red flags” regarding my own health. My body had reached the threshold in which it was able to deal with stressors and operate on its own and I was rapidly shifting into the dis-ease stage. Debilitating physical, mental, and emotional symptoms began to consume most, if not all, of my day. My son had made amazing progress in his healing journey by combining ONDAMED® therapy with general wellness practices, and I decided that if I was going to be the best version of myself and be able to continue to facilitate and further my son’s healing, it was necessary to try to muster up enough energy to focus some on my well-being as well. 

I began ONDAMED® therapy in April, 2018 and immediately I was able to experience for myself the manner in which our bodies can heal from trauma and move forward in a harmonic state when given the proper healing tools. I have since witnessed the amazing healing effects of ONDAMED® therapy in conjunction with general wellness practices not only in my young son and infant daughter, but in many people who were searching for “A Better Way to Feel Better.” Since beginning ONDAMED® treatments and transforming my life by implementing best wellness practices that promote positive connections and support my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self, I have become passionate about helping others "fill their toolbox" with the same tools and strategies that is helping transform the health of my family. I have been given the opportunity to share the resources I have gained through my family’s difficult healing journey with you, and my hope for you is that you will take the first step to unlock your healing potential and transform your life into one of complete harmony!