ONDAMED® and PEMF Therapy

What is ONDAMED®?

ONDAMED® is an FDA registered non-invasive 2 in 1 medical device from Germany that identifies dysfunction within the body based on biofeedback from the autonomic nervous system and in return delivers specific therapeutic frequencies that stimulate tissues in the central nervous system to promote healing. Using a combination of PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields) and Biofeedback, this modality helps naturally move the body toward a natural state of balance, or harmony by jump-starting cellular repair and regeneration. 

But, aren't EMFs dangerous?

PEMF therapy works much differently than the harmful electromagnetic fields (EMF's) that you may have heard of. Although a growing body of evidence suggests that extended exposure to high frequency electromagnetic fields emitted from things such as cell phones, wireless routers and microwaves disrupt our biology and can cause cellular damage, PEMF therapy utilizes a much different range of frequencies and duration of exposure. 

In short, we are one part of an electro-magnetic universe. Everything in our universe has an energy vibration, from rocks to plants to the fibers in your clothes. The food you eat, your hair, and your organs all have energy. Literally everything we know functions on an elelctromagnetic scale as part of an electromagnetic universe. EMF's fall on a wide spectrum. High-frequency EMF's, like X-rays that register frequencies in the hundred quintillion Hz range (yes, that’s an actual number and yes - it’s big) and cellular phones are the most disruptive to your body. That’s because they are ionizing — which means they have enough energy to break electrons off of atoms, which charges them. This changes the way your cells work. 

The therapeutic frequency of PEMF's are very similar to the frequencies that occur in nature and that we encounter every day, so your body knows exactly how to process them. Frequencies delivered during ONDAMED® therapy sessions will fall between 3 and 32,000 Hz, which is less exposure than you would get from a thunderstorm. Additionally, PEMF therapy is focused, pulsed, and brief. 

Who can benefit from ONDAMED therapy?

 ONDAMED is especially effective at addressing pain and acute injury as well as improving cellular repair, circulation and promoting relaxation. However, because it works at the cellular level decreasing inflammation and improving metabolic processes, ANYONE can benefit! 

What are the benefits?


ONDAMED therapy frequencies stimulate connective tissue also known as the extracellular matrix. This matrix is a storage place for nutrients and toxins, which are each absorbed by the cells or excreted into the bloodstream or lymph for removal from the body.

Stimulation of the extra cellular matrix can:

  • Enhance the release of toxins leading to improved detoxification
  • Enhance the absorption of nutrients into the cells
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Stimulate cellular repair and regeneration
  • Activate lymphatic drainage, thus improving the immune function
  • Improve circulation of blood
  • Promote relaxation and improve natural sleep patterns and regulation
  • Reduce the harmful effects of geopathic and electromagnetic stress

Excitation with ONDAMED frequencies can:

  • Help balance metabolism
  • Increase vitality
  • Promote positive moods and stress relief
  • Provide a clear mental thought process
  • Engender strong commitment to self-care

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Video from ONDAMED® CEO Dr. Silvia Binder

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